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So if you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter. I think I might actually make shoes today like I have been planning to do for a year+.

To anyone that cares to know, I got into the following schools (and others that I have already crossed off my list as they were just "safties") anyways schools I am wondering about: Smith (MA), Bryn Mawr (PA), Bard (NY), and Knox (IL). Those are my places I am thinking about going to, but I cannot decide, and therefore others should assist me. So tell me all the good and bad you know about any or all of those schools, ok?

Also I took this stupid quiz, but I feel the results were quite hilarious, so I had to post, but I put it behind lj-cut because I know that people get annoyed with the excessive posting of quizzes taking up their friends list.

hard core

You are one tuff cookie, you are often seen eating
at the most popular vegan resteraunts, and
frequent your local tattoo shop almost daily,
that or you work at one. Your star-shaped plugs
and your amazing moshing skills make you the
envy of every 9th grader with an eighteen
visions tee shirt this side of the country.

What is your anti-conformist personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

I also enjoy the misspelling of "restaurants"...

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oh wow so punk rock! haha. i love you annr.
the only school there that i'm really familiar with is knox, and i know it's a pretty good school for premed, as public schools go. but furreal, i think that going up east would be much more fun and exciting... so much more to do than in illinois. but you also have to consider the cost of travel and such, sooooo... i guess it depends on what all you're looking for. i guess that wasn't helpful at all... um, i'm sorry. good luck with the choosing though. :)
Congratulations on the college acceptance. I vote for Smith, though I supposed it doesn't count for anything seeing as how thoroughly intend to apply there next year - you'll have to look passed my biased attitude. If you don't mind my asking, what was your SAT score?
So...what do you like so much about Smith? I don't really know my SAT score, but I know it was lower than my sister's, and pretty average, my ACT was like 24 or something, but I did better on the SAT. I think that I got into most of the harder-to-get-into-colleges because for the past two years all my classes have been either AP or IB except for a gym class which I had to take to fulfill state requirements.
I've been to Smith's campus and it's beautiful. There's this amazing atmosphere of empowered female learners that I found rather inspiring. It feels right. (There's an open house April 24th if you're availbable to go). Also, my friend Mary went to Smith and loved it. I've heard positive things about Smith. It's my number one school to apply to next year, number two being Georgetown - but whatever. Congratulations again. Man, I would kill to get into Smith. I hope I get accepted next year. Otherwise I shall pee on their admissions office.
Hehe, sounds like a plan. I am visiting there this coming week. What are these good things? I have heard mixed reviews, myself. Though I do agree it is a nice campus and in a really cool little area.
Smith is more awesome than Knox. You can ask me about me about Smith whatever you like. I don't know jack about Bryn Mower or Beard.
You are hilarious. Thanks Charles.
I love Bard! I think its very you. Everyone there is so friendly and wonderful and nice and interesting. They have incredible art, including a dark room thats open 24 hours so you can go there at 3 am if you need too. Its in the middle of this beauteeful forest with funky old building and an auditorium designed by Gehry. He is sweet. The night I stayed there they had iranian dancers come and perform and they gave everyone hummus and pita and falafel and stuff. The only part I didn't like about it was that its pretty isolated, without even a little town. 2 hour train ride to NYC

buuuuut if you go there next year, you can take the train to come visit me cause i'm going to NYU
I think at any of my choices it is pretty easy to get to NY via train. Also I am going to be in NY next November for my mom's 50th birthday.
Oh and congrats on getting into NYU.



just because

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