... (annrrr) wrote,

Break it down nah

So today broken things get a PunchintheFace! My tape player in my car is broken, and therefore will not play Joni Mitchell tape, which I could have really appreciated as it was hot and sunny as hell outside, and on days like that you need some Joni Mitchell. Also my family's sewing machine is broken, so this lady let us borrow hers...the only problem is it is also broken because there is something wrong with the thread tension. Also none of these items actually has a face to be punched...this furthers my frustration...

Also today I went to this rummage sale-ish deally at this church with Lucy, Becky, and Mo. Mo was looking at ties and then ze realized someone was looking at zir, and ze didn't think ze knew the person, but it turned out to by my Voicelessonteacher...and she was like "oh you must be Anna's sister" and I heard them talking and realized that my Voicelessonteacher was there and talked to her and such. Then I found Lucy and introduced Lucy to Voicelessonteacher and Lucy said that I am obsessed with my voice lessons and such and then Voicelessonteacher said "Well Anna is one of my favourite-no my favourite student, abso-fuckin-lutely" and it was really great. Also Voicelessonteacher is really hilarious when looking at rummage sales because she thinks that the clothes are really hilarious, and giggles insane amounts of giggles.

Also I got my little packet about housing etc. from Smith...Eeeek college is scary!
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