... (annrrr) wrote,

Weird times 6 and a half

So...today two men in a truck yelled "lesbian" at me in a high pitched voice, then drove off. Then later a bunch of little boys...er..well teenagers...yelled "lesbos" at me, Mo, and Lil' Tom, then ran off. I don't know why two groups of people are yelling "lesbo" or "lesbian" at me, today, when it hasn't really happened in the past, or at least hasn't happened when I wasn't being clearly dykey and holding hands with a girl or something. I also feel that that is a dumb thing to yell, especially since I am not a lesbian. Maybe if it happens again I will just reply, "No, but keep guessing" or something.

Also I accidentally was signed into Yahoo! Messenger all night, and all hella people I don't know started talking to me. So if any of you have tried to talk to me on there, you should tell me, and I won't delete you. Otherwise I will delete all the people, because it seems like they are mostly annoying people who found me via LaunchCast. Also if anyone is sad that I don't talk to them on Yahoo! Messenger, don't be, because I really never go on there, except to talk to Mo about HW, or when my computer signs me in (like last night).
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