... (annrrr) wrote,

Let it be known!

Let it be known, that the Hampton bus line is a poopilicious times three and a quarter. I tried to take the bus and metrolink to piano today, and buses that were supposed to come at two different times DID NOT. This meant that I gave up, walked home, and had to drive to piano or I would be late. In conclusion...curse you Hampton bus!!!! and I will go earlier next time. I will take the bus more now, because clearly I have all hella time, enough to, and it is less stressful than driving, when one has time for two buses not to show up.

Also, let it be known, that the light in my room has been out, or come on mystically and flickered-to the point that Lil' Tom asked me if I was having siezures, and how I could not be having siezures with the light doing so much flicker action- for more than two weeks. It is for real out now, and I really doubt will magically come on. So perhaps I will change it.

Riveting entry, no?
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