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Job and blisters

Today was my first day at my new job (oh yes, by the way, I got the one job that I wanted). I now work Mon-Fri 10-4. I am kind of concerned that they might make me work certain Saturdays and Sundays, however I don't think it will be long and it will be fun work/ not office work.

Everyone at my work is hella nice. I had lunch with my supervisor and Leslie (the person who pretty much got me the job) at Union Station, because it is right across from where we took in our mail to the bulk mailing place (a place where as a small child, my mother often forced me to go, when our church had to do bulk mailings) and I left my money at the office. They said they could pay for me, and I could pay them back, but when I tried to pay them back, they refused to take my money. My supervisor (Irene) said that she wanted to treat me, because it was my first day. Then the niceness continued, as Leslie made me a little flyer thing that had a (bad) picture of everyone in the office on it, and wrote their names by it (so I know who people are) and wrote "Welcome to our wacky work family" or something, and everyone in the office welcomed me to my first day of work and they gave me candy and balloons. Apparently these people are obsessed with candy, especially chocolate. So maybe I will buy them chocolate in return for their niceness.

So my day was pretty good. The bad part however, was that it was blister-filled. I wore my mom's shoes (so as to be dressy-officy until I get my own-though I think they will where in) and they gave me hella blisters. To the point that after I had my piano lesson, I took them off, and walked down Waterman (from Skinker to Union) with no shoes on RATHER that sit on the bus with shoes still on. Tomorrow I will wear my (newly polished) spectators and pants, and give my feet a rest. Also I was eating hot pizza, and burnt the top of my mouth, as oft happens with pizza, but this time I burnt it really bad, to the point it blistered into a really huge blister that grew and annoyed me, until it finally popped INSIDE MY MOUTH. Blisters popping in one's mouth=hella gross I feel.
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