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Erica inspires me so!

Ideas of what I might be when I grow up (not really in order, cept the first):
1. Public school teacher (probably middle or high school):
A. Math (because there is a dire need for better math teachers in the world, and I feel that actually trying to teach and get kids to understand concepts would make me a much better math teacher than most, a lot of math teachers are slackers)
B. History (because I heart history, though I would not stick to history textbooks because I hated history until I got away from textbooks and into looking at controversies related to history)
C. Art/ Art history (because I feel I am pretty good and interested in this area)
2. Interior designer
3. House fixer upper (though I don't know if I will be able to part with them)
4. Architect (though I would be an awesome one, who works on making houses more energy and space efficient and affordable)
5. Shoe maker/ fixer
6. Restaurant owner
7. Some sort of religious leader or whatev(once I decide what religion I want to be)
8. College professor
9. Worker at some sort of non-profit agency for goodness
10. Luthier
11. Artist
12. Singer
13. Electrician
14. Construction worker
I will probably be a lot of these things (though probably not as a paying job) and probably WON'T be a lot of these things as a paying job, because I would be overwhelmed with guilt and feeling badness and or be drive crazy otherwise(interior designer, artist...).
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