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Ms. Pacman needs to stop attacking me.

For those who don't know, I used to be INCREDIBLY obsessed with the arcade game "Ms. Pacman." I have wasted a lot of my own, and other people's money on playing it, and used to have it on my cell phone, and also played this emulator game a great deal, especially over seas this summer.

Recently my computer got all messified, and the history was erased. Nonetheless, some how, TWICE when I have tried to check my email it has been like "RAWRRR... I AM THE MS. PACMAN EMULATOR GAME ATTACKING YOU!!!!!!!1" Then today I am like, let me check my email, and the computer background is this Ms. Pacman related picture I saved off the internet was set as the computer background. Apparently Mo did it, but still I was creeped out a lot, and no Mo, not cool. Ze apparently didn't even do it just to torture me, but hmm... don't know that I believe that.

Also the emulator thing messes with my computer sound and such, although it is fun. Poopapoops... we used to be friends Ms. P, why must you attack me?
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