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annrrr's Journal

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Words I say a lot (perhaps too much, yes too much, at least with much randomness):
Jesus, God, zoo, zoo animal, zoocumber, cucumber, vagina, smellovision, punk-ass, biped, hmm... (puppy whimper), awesome...
Phrases (same deal):
Let it be known, Your face, This one time, My friend ______, I don't know, I don't like this game, extreme amounts, I feel...
activism, alan cumming, alice walker, amnesty international, angela davis, ani difranco, anti-binary gender, anti-classism, anti-death penalty, anti-homophobia, anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-rape, anti-sexism, anti-war, anytown, asexuality, bass, bent boyz, billie holiday, bitch and animal, bitches, björk, black eyeliner, bob marley, boidykes, bois, boots, boxer briefs, butches, cabaret, chai, chai tea, charles mingus, cheese, chicago kings, cibo matto, civil disobediance, civil rights, claude cahun, coats, computers, corduroy, corsets, cross-dressing, cuddling, cunt blood, dada, dance parties, david bowie, dinosaur shirts, diy, drag, drag kings, drag queens, duke ellington, dykes, ewan mcgregor, faux queens, femmes, frida kahlo, ftm, gender neutral pronouns, gender theory, genderfuck, genderqueer, gilda radner, glam, glitter, goths, hats, human rights, indymedia, lauryn hill, le tigre, man ray, metro girls basketball, missy elliott, mo faux, mokabes, mtf, multisexuality, music, musicals, nccj, nim faux, npr, omnisexuality, outkast, pansexuality, peace, photography, piano, queeps, queer rights, queer theory, queers, radical cheerleading, radiohead, ramen noodles, randomness, raviolli, rocky horror picture show, salvador dali, sculpting, sesame street, sigur ros, singing, social justice, socialism, socks, st. louis, stenciling, strong bad, strong mad, strong sad, surrealism, swing dancing, the beatles, the cheat, the colour green, the como homos, the cure, the smiths, the vagina monologues, thelma and louise, tori amos, tranny bois, tranny fags, trans feminism, transgender rights, transmen, transwomen, trogdor, trombone, vaginas, vegetarian, velvet goldmine, vinyl, vulvas, zines