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College etc.

So if you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter. I think I might actually make shoes today like I have been planning to do for a year+.

To anyone that cares to know, I got into the following schools (and others that I have already crossed off my list as they were just "safties") anyways schools I am wondering about: Smith (MA), Bryn Mawr (PA), Bard (NY), and Knox (IL). Those are my places I am thinking about going to, but I cannot decide, and therefore others should assist me. So tell me all the good and bad you know about any or all of those schools, ok?

Also I took this stupid quiz, but I feel the results were quite hilarious, so I had to post, but I put it behind lj-cut because I know that people get annoyed with the excessive posting of quizzes taking up their friends list.

hard core

You are one tuff cookie, you are often seen eating
at the most popular vegan resteraunts, and
frequent your local tattoo shop almost daily,
that or you work at one. Your star-shaped plugs
and your amazing moshing skills make you the
envy of every 9th grader with an eighteen
visions tee shirt this side of the country.

What is your anti-conformist personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

I also enjoy the misspelling of "restaurants"...

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