... (annrrr) wrote,

Er... So this is an update on me...

Lucy has finally explained to the Lily that we are "girlfriend and girlfriend like Jeff and Laura are boyfriend and girlfriend" and we think she actually understands now, and was really awesome and nice about it. She was excited about it and really sweet and said stuff like "I am glad I came here to St. Louis, to Metro, because I got to me you guys" and such. And I am just like "Aww...Lily...Lily is so awesome..."

Also I am going to Smith College, Northampton, MA. I still don't know quite how I feel about it, but I think that out of my choices it was the best choice for me. So I think I will do well when I go there...er...if I go there...that is if I don't fail calculus...

This past weekend I went to the SLUH dance recital which was hilariously adorable, did some good estate/yard/moving/garage sale shoppin', and got to see lots of people who I haven't seen in a while...like Randy, Caiden, Elyse, and Joel...which was nice. Less happy was going to lots of stupid church stuff. Also on Saturday Mo, Lucy, and I went to see Mr. Nolte sing Hayden's The Seasons which was LONG, but I felt pretty good. Lucy fell asleep and hit her head during it and was really angry...but I also have a sick love (as well as a fear) of an angry Lucy...
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cheers for MA! Come visit me in Maine? Or I'll come see you at Smith. I almost applied to Amherst!
Not like we don't live in the SAME state now...but it is good that we will still be near eachother.
oh yeah. and I was in St Louis last weekend.
Heh that is hilarious! *Fist shakes*- for being in STL and not seeing me...no it is cool though...
Holy cow, you're now BOTH going to Smith!?!?! Wow!! :))) I will absolutely have to visit you... except, of course, that I usually only go there in the summer, and that, only every few years :). Still... :))))
Aww... Ms. Chabot...you are hilarious. I knew you would be excited.
ah yes, lily is quite the awesomest indeed...

p.m.s.: (you can not imaginate my excitement at seeing an annrrr update...)
Yeh, Lindsers are awesome indeed...
P.M.S.:(This writing P.M.S. thing is el genius-which is more genius than just genius without the el...)