... (annrrr) wrote,

Fyre, fyre

Okay, so me and the Shack were just playing clay in the ceramics studio, and swept up and everything, like good kids, but we also ended up sweeping up a lot of dust and then the fire alarm went off. So me and the Shack stood guiltily outside the studio until Public Safety came, and we told them what happened, but they pointed out that there was a weird smell, and we realized that there was indeed a weird smell, and the Shack said "Holy shit, we were just in a burning building" and we felt less guilty, and more like it was crazy that we were in a burning building. Then we returned the studio key to the Public Safety office, and the guy in there just said it was the dust. Shack and I were disappointed by this news, and we are also doubtful, because there was a distinctly electrical burning smell, and the lights were being weird as we are leaving. We decided that Smith College is just trying to cover up for a scandal, relating to out of code electrical wiring. Either way it was quite an adventure, and at least so far we don't seem to be in trouble.

Also, throughout this whole adventure, we sang the same song about a twenty million times. It was this American folk song that the Shack sings all the time, that starts out "The water is wide..." and is kind of sad but really pretty.
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