... (annrrr) wrote,

GOALS (Note how even my goals are insane and random)

To do before leaving St. Louis (in no apparent order):
1. Clean room (and house really)
2. Make (or at least make extensive plans for) instruments made out of (what would be) trash.
3. Write thank you cards for relatives
4. Learn more about making stationary and notebooks
5. Have lots of good hangouts (with friends and family)
6. See Metro play
7. Visit old work and Metro
8. Practice chorus music and also Italian
9. Learn more about furniture building
To do when I get back to Smith (also random order)
1. Clean room
2. Make food for peoples (hopefully also WITH peoples)
3. Make a couch and/or other type of comfy goodness for room.
4. Finish tea set (and maybe have a tea party)
5. Have lots of good hangouts
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