... (annrrr) wrote,

Oh yeah, we made this ukulele/banjo. The only things that we bought were the ukulele strings and this metal screwish thing. So we spent a total of about $3 on it. We got the clothespins from Lil' May May, because she is awesome.
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soooo genius
SO! AMAZINGLY! AWESOME!!!! *applauds you both like mad*

how does it sound?
Um, that is still being worked on...still having trouble tuning it, and might want to make some changes after it is tuned.
very cool indeed. I wish I was that creative, yo.
anybody who can make instruments out of cookie cans and clothing pins is clearly a genious. i <3 you.

hugs it.
aww look at people being impressed with our lil banjo/uke.
hey, add my name to that list of those who are impressed because that's quite a feat....i can't wait to hear it, assuming you're bringing it back to smith.
ea est bella.
Pretty. Will y'all make more?
Yep, that is why we stole all your metal tins etc.
You people rock my metaphorical socks! Bring it to the next singalong!
Mmm, Danish Butter Cookie Banjo. Does putting things into the tin change the sound? Does it double as a lunchbox?
Yeh, I am relatively sure that it would sound less good as a lunch box. Also, there aren't really cookies in there. I know, it is sad but true.
man, those ducks on the sheets should be your backup band! do you see their snazzy outfits? that is one fancy-pants dance they're doing...

song requests for the new instrument:
one cookie-tin soldier
norwegian wooden neck
til there was youke
i get a kick out of youke
uncle john's bandjo
you clothespin me round (like a record)
Heh! You are hilarious. Those ducks are near and dear to my heart, as is the blanket (my
"special" or "fuzzy" blanket). I have one like it at Smith too! (Mo gave me his so I have two).